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Servicing Johnson City, Jonesborough, Greeneville, Elizabethton, Kingsport, and Bristol AND BEYOND


Step 1: Check availability by submitting the quote form or giving us a call. 



Not everyone is a good fit for Hendrik's Moving. We have the tools to help you decide for yourself as quickly as possible.

Step 2: Review Job Specific Information:

Core Values:
  • Price Transparency 

  • Fairness

  • Care

    • For You

    • For Your Items

    • For Our Movers

  • Ease

  • Efficiency

Guaranteed Quotes - Binding Estimates

The estimation professionals at Hendrik's Moving will put you at ease by providing you with a clear plan for moving day ahead of time. Moving is a stressful time for everyone, but you can rest easy knowing that at Hendrik's Moving every client can choose to be billed at a binding flat rate.  

Hendrik’s will exceed your expectations before the job even starts

Hendrik’s goes the extra mile to meet all of our customer’s needs – no matter what –  but we prefer to put the extra work in before the job even starts. Flat rate quotes can only be provided through meticulous communication of the scope of work. We take time to create an estimated item list for every move. Whether we arrange a video-call, come out to your home, or ask you to submit your own item list and photos using our top of the line software, both parties will know ahead of time exactly what the job entails.

Hendrik's will NEVER cut corners

Moving estimation is an imperfect art, but all of our estimates are made by a mover with years of experience planning for the worst and hoping for the best.  When jobs exceed time estimates it can put clients (and the moving crew) in an unpleasant situation. When we underestimate the hours required on a flat rated scope of work, the labor is on our dollar and the quality will not falter.  Price Guarantees prevent unpleasantness due to cost expectations - at worst you will be inconvenienced by having us take too much time from your day.  

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There's a big difference between 5 Stars and 4.9 Stars

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Your Move Cost 

You want to know a ballpark price range for your move - we don't want to mislead you. Our prices are competitive. The majority of clients report that our quotes fall in line with or just above those made by legitimate competitors. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at

The table above contains ROUGH cost approximations for LOCAL services.  Please consider that prices vary greatly. Rate rundowns and ballpark quotes mean nothing if you don't know the scope of work that your movers expect to perform.


To save you time in your decision making process and enhance clarity, we have curated job specific 'PreQuote Information’.  The document details our billing structure, average scope of work, and what we expect our clients to do to prepare for move day, liability, . 





Regardless of whether we are in your budget, the information presented will help you plan your move.

It is required that all clients read this document prior to receiving an official quote, but it may save you time to first check availability by call or submitting the quote request form at the top of the home page. 




Services Offered:

Hendrik's Moving is licensed, insured, and certified to provide the following local or interstate services.​







Gun Safes

Not Offered:

Mobile Homes, Sheds, or other Structures,

Pool Tables


"More Than Just Movers"

At Hendrik's we do a lot of little things to keep your home and furnishings just the way we found them:

  • We secure pads to EVERY item that could be scratched before moving it.  

  • We have carpet runners to keep your floors clean, and masonite floor protection when moving items like pianos and gun safes that can leave indentations when wheeled through a home. 

  • We always have the tools required for the job.

  • We never slide furniture on floors without multiple pads. 

  • We invest in employee training so you can rest assured that you are being moved by a trained professional.

  • When loading our trucks, protection of items is our top priority; we always have enough pads, wrap and straps.

Cory's Mover's Tool Box:  Because the risk of damaging furniture is increased when the furniture is already damaged, Cory created a toolbox that can handle most basic repairs on site prior to moving the items.  When necessary we will tighten legs, re-glue, replace missing parts, and generally repair furniture prior to moving it. 


Above and Beyond: Cory's toolkit also contains a small leaf blower and vacuum that can tidy up small messes and keep our truck and your home as clean as possible. Much less dirt gets tracked into your home when the pathway has been blown before loading/unloading. 

What To Do Before Moving Day

This list of tips will help your move go as smoothly and efficiently as possible even if you use a different moving company. 

Clients - Please refer to the PreQuote Info Section III for more details.

  • Everything that can fit in boxes needs be put in boxes - it takes just as long to load two loose items as it takes to load a large dresser.

  • Tape the bottom and top of boxes - if an item cannot fit in a closed box, it may be moved more efficiently outside of a box.  Exclusion to rule: medium or large boxes with the top left open can be conducive to loading rows of smaller hanging artwork. 

  • Buying new quality boxes from a retailer will increase efficiency on moving day and keep your items safer throughout the move.  

  • To help prevent boxes from collapsing: Load boxes as full as possible using packing protective materials to fill up excess space.  However, care must be taken to not put too much weight in boxes - heavy items need to go in small boxes, Light items like clothes and linens can go into larger boxes.

  • Boxes are better than totes as they take up less room in a fully loaded truck and stack better.  Don't throw away your totes, but once they're filled e the packing you do for moving should be into boxes. 

  • Leave clothes in dressers, only remove breakable items - there is no need to remove drawers.

  • CLEARLY label all boxes by their destination at the new home and with warnings for boxes that should not be stacked on top of (TL = Top Load).

  • Move explosive items on your own - we are not able to transport fuel or ammo.

  • Make sure to warn your estimator if there is ANY slope in either driveway.

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