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About Hendrik's Moving

From the smallest to the largest task, we believe your move deserves top-priority service that are efficient and reliable. We started Hendrik's Moving LLC, to deliver quality professional services that you can trust.

Moving Truck

At Hendrik's Moving we go above and beyond throughout the entirety of the moving process. A maximally efficient move day is not possible if the movers and the client were not on the same page about preparation requirements. If you choose to do your own packing you will be coached through the difficult process:

Clear communications of pre move expectations is our priority. 

On moving day our workers put on a show. Not only will you see remarkable skill and effort, but all of our movers are sensitive to the stresses that our clients are experiencing and handle client interaction accordingly. 

Areas Served:

Greeneville - Johnson City - Kingsport - Bristol - Elizabethton

Feeling Stressed About Your Move?

Hendrik's will put you at ease


Reliability Ensured By Accurate Estimates

Moving is a stressful time for all homeowners and renters, but Hendrik's will put you at ease by providing you with a clear plan for moving day ahead of time. Moving a household's items is nearly always more complicated than it seems and estimating the time required for moving jobs is difficult even for professionals.  

Hendrik’s will exceed your expectations before the job even starts

Hendrik’s goes the extra mile to meet all of our customer’s needs – no matter what –  but we prefer to put the extra work in before the job even starts. We take time to create a manifest for every job. Whether we arrange a video-call or come out to your home, seeing and listing every item to be moved ensures that our estimations have a minimal margin of error. Accurate estimates keep us on schedule. Simply put, this means that we show up on time at a higher rate than our competitors.

Our estimates are made by a mover with years of experience

Years spent laboring as a mover and leading jobs led Hendrik's to prioritize customer and employee satisfaction above profit maximization. When jobs go over estimate it puts both customers and employees in unpleasant situations. Keeping an accurate and organized schedule not only ensures our reliability and customer satisfaction, but it fulfills our goal of maintaining hospitable conditions for our employees. 

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