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Find the movers that matches your needs

Table of Contents: 

Section I Describes our billing structure and explains how to compare it to other rates and quotes.


Section II Clarifies our average scope of work.


Section III Specifies how we expect the home prepared / packed prior to move day.


Section IV Contains average costs.


Section V Discusses how to use our services prioritizing cost efficiency. 

Section VI Explains Liability and Insurance options. 

Section VII Tells you how to reserve a move date.


I. Billing Structure: 

Once your scope of work is clearly and contractually defined, you can choose to have the services flat rated or billed using the actual hours worked. Whether used to approximate or actualize, the following billing structure is used:























The rates listed above include provision of all tools and equipment required to perform the services with the exception of packing materials. 


There is no tax applied to the final cost of services. 


You are required to pay a deposit of up to 50% of your move cost to reserve the move date and time. 


Nearly all forms of payment are accepted, but some have transaction fees that will be charged on top of the final cost of services. 


No Fee: Cash, Physical Check, and ACH deposit (e-check)

3.5% Fee: Paypal, Venmo, Debit, and Credit

How Do We Compare?

 When you compare our rates to our competitors’ you need to keep in mind that a company's process and efficiency have a bigger effect on the total cost of your move than the rate at which the services are billed. 


Even different crews in the same company would work at different levels of efficiency. Most companies we have worked with complete moves faster than we do. This is not due to sloth, but our will to never veer from our values. Our highest priorities on move day are care for your items and our own safety. Whether you choose to flat rate your services or have the actual hours worked billed, the crew will work as fast as possible to finish your job. However, We will not alter our process and minimize the care we take for your items and our bodies under any circumstance; even if the move is going over the estimated time and labor is on our dollar, or if you ask us to hurry to try and get a lower price. 


We learned the hard way to say “no” when clients ask us to save time and skip steps required to protect their items. We pay you when damages are made. 


If another company had identical rates, our total cost would likely be higher.



II. Average Scope Of Work: 

Well before move day the scope of work will be tailored to your specific moving needs.  This average scope of work is what can be accomplished in the price ranges detailed in Section IV.  If you're interested in acquiring services beyond those listed here, please indicate that on the Quote Submission Form when asked to do so. 


The movers will provide everything required to complete the services safely and without damage:

  • Moving truck(s)

  • Furniture blankets

  • Wrap

  • Bands 

  • Floor protection

  • Specialty tools for specialty items

The movers DO NOT expect to supply packing materials - this needs to be arranged separately and MUST be arranged prior to the move date. 

Average Access: 

The truck parked flat and within 4 car lengths from the entrance to the dwelling. 

The dwelling DOES NOT have stairs with tight turns. 


The Average Inventory Contains:

  • All furniture items in the home. 

  • Approximately 5-15 boxes from each room in the home. 

  • Less than ten unboxed loose items that could've been boxed: 

    • TVs, Large Framed Artwork, yard tools etc. 

The following tasks entail what will be billed at the hourly rate: 


The movers will arrive at the load address and do a thorough walkthrough of the home. 


The movers will begin work and situate the truck where it needs to be. 


The movers expect the items to be cleared with the exception of dressers being left full of their soft contents.  



The movers expect to disassemble any necessary furniture items.


The movers will carefully wrap all necessary items, securing blankets to the pieces. 


The movers will load the truck with care. 


The movers will arrive at the unload address and do a thorough walkthrough of the home. 


The Movers will unload the items on the truck placing each item and box in the place desired by the client within reason.


The Movers DO NOT expect to place boxes in attics only accessible by ladder (but can do so if planned for ahead of time). 


The Movers will assemble furniture as desired / necessary. 


The Movers will help rearrange furniture as desired / necessary. 


The Movers will make sure the truck is clean and all pads are folded.




III. Packing / Move Preparation:

Hendrik’s Moving provides exceptional packing services for those who wish to not lift a finger during their move. The total cost of services could be DISCOUNTED BY UP TO 10% for clients who hire packing AND moving services. However, it is easier to unpack at your new home when you have packed your old home. 


For clients who are packing their own home, let us tell you: WE DO THE EASY PART! Packing work is extensive, tedious and generally less rewarding than moving work. If you pack your own home we will coach you through every part of the process and will be available to answer any questions you may have as they arise. 


Completing the expected preparatory tasks is ESSENTIAL to Hendrik’s Moving completing the planned scope of work at the efficiency required to meet the estimate. If the these tasks are not completed as described, a new/separate estimate will be furnished with the actual scope of work required - overtime rates are likely to be applied. Hendrik's Moving reserves the right to refuse to provide ANY of the services described in the contract on moving day if the actual scope of work is significantly altered from the planned scope of work.


If you have already completed some of the preparatory tasks in a way that differs from our instruction, please don’t redo work that you have done - moving is hard enough! Do communicate the inconsistencies so that we can plan for them. For example we do not advise the use of totes, but if you already have committed to using totes we can handle them.


Every item should be safely boxed, or on the estimated inventory list for the movers to handle - our saying is “If it fits in a box, it goes in a box”.

  • All lamp shades go in boxes. 

  • All table lamps go in boxes.

  • Loose garage items that can fit in a box need to be boxed. 

  • All small artworks go in boxes

Discuss with the estimator if there is ANYTHING that could be boxed that you think may be moved easier if it was not boxed. 

Every item that can go in a box is expected to be boxed PRIOR to the move date. 


You will purchase boxes in a variety of sizes from a single retailer of your choice. 

New boxes will pay for themselves in labor efficiency and will better protect your items - boxes of different sizes purchased from the same retailer are designed to stack safely together. 


Boxes will be packed using a balance between these two key principles:

Boxes must be packed fully to prevent collapsing. 

Boxes can not be loaded with more weight than the structure can handle. 

All boxes will be fully sealed. 

Heavy items need to be in small boxes. 

Boxes need to be labeled clearly by the room they are going to be placed in. 

One label on the top of the box 

One label on (at least) one side of the box 

For your own convenience you may want the label on the top of the box to briefly describe the contents of the box, but we do not need that information. 

Dressers may be left full of their soft contents, but all other furniture items need to be cleared of their loose contents. 

IV.  Ball-Park Costs: 

When you submit the long quote request at the bottom of this document our software will generate you a rough ballpark quote, but even this is not to be trusted as if it came from our estimation professionals. We wish that we could provide you with more refined ball-park figures, but it is simply not possible without substantial effort on both of our parts and we hope that other information in this document dictates whether you choose to work with us. 


Moving and packing costs vary greatly.  Access requirements, scope of work, location, complexity of items, and most importantly, quantity of items are the primary factors contributing to price variety. There is every chance that your moving situation will fall outside these ballpark figures, but if you work with us, you will know exactly what your move will cost before the date is even in the calendar. 


The scope of work detailed in Section II is what can be accomplished at the prices listed below so long as the move preparations detailed in Section III have been completed. 


Apartment units from the smallest size - 2 BR units that are smaller than 900sq ft are normally moved by a two mover crew in 2.5 - 4.5hrs. 


Total cost $400-$700


Homes and Town homes of the same size exhibit similar costs unless they have basements, sheds, or garages.  


Homes, townhomes, condos and upscale apartments closer to 1200 sq ft are normally moved by a two mover crew in 3.5-6 hours


Total Cost Roughly: $550-$900


Units containing basements, garages, or sheds are more likely to exceed these rough costs. 

V: Maximizing Your Total Economic Benefit


Consider that the value of your time is dictated not only by your income, but also the measure of relief you receive from hiring us to take over your responsibilities - or conversely, the measure of distaste you have for the tasks you hire us to do. 


Clearly, for your move to go perfectly, a lot of preparation is involved. We are able to do all the preparations for you, but a lot of clients prefer to do this work themselves for good reasons. While quoting your move, your estimator will advise you on how to prioritize your efforts. Generally, your time will be best spent packing, but each move is unique. Rest assured knowing we have your best interest in mind. We will never pressure you into hiring unnecessary services.

The presence of loose unpacked items hinders efficiency more than anything else. You either want us to come pack you up and move you, or hire us only to move your furniture, boxes, and anything else that your estimator warns you may be easier for us to move than you even if we sacrifice some efficiency to make it happen.  Items like TVs and large framed art are often worth having us move even if we have to put in the extra care and time required to transport them safely. One of our sayings is: 

"It normally takes longer to move a standing lamp than a dresser" 



VI: Liability and Insurance

As a licensed moving company, we assume liability for your goods when we transport and handle them. You have two choices when it comes to the level of liability we take on: Full Value or Released Value.


Full Value:

All long distance quotes are furnished with this offering, but you can downgrade.

This offering is more expensive than Released Value and the cost difference varies depending on the valuation and deductible YOU set. Full Value Liability protects your items using replacement cost, very few exclusions exist that would relieve us of our liability should damage occur, and they are listed in insurance info section here:  




Released Value: 

All Local Quotes are furnished with this offering, but you can upgrade. 

This covers your items at industry minimum amount of $.60/lb. View this link for more information. 

Hendrik's Moving carries the following active business insurance plans at or above the limits required by state and federal regulation. 

  • Liability Insurance 

  • Cargo Insurance  

  • Vehicle Liability Insurance

  • Workers’ Comp

VII.  How to Reserve Your Move Date 


Thank you so much for the time you took with this information and thank you in advance for the time you will devote to creating your perfect move with us. You have already made the first step in booking your move date by making it this far! Remember, there are no stupid questions. If both parties do not have complete understanding of the scope of work your quote could be inaccurate. Please call us at this point and discuss any questions you may have.  

If you don't have any questions, the next step is to begin the quoting process by filling out this form. Our estimation professionals will quickly contact you back and lead you the rest of the way through the booking process. 

Thank you in advance for the time and effort you put in to making your move go perfectly!












Thank you again for your dedication and doing your part,

Welcome to the team!

Moving Services: 

All labor is pro-rated to the nearest quarter hour and billed from arrival at the loading location until completion of services at the unloading location.  The labor rate is $50 / mover / hour regardless of crew size.  


Travel / Transport flat-rate fees are assessed on top of the hourly rate and are billed per truck per day. The flat-rate fee starts at $200 for moves in Johnson City. You can expect flat-rate fees closer to $300 for services in Bristol, Kingsport, Greeneville, and other surrounding areas. 


Heavy Item Item Fees may be assessed for specialty items like pianos and gun-safes. The cost of these fees is based on the complexity of moving the item which is primarily dictated by the weight and access to the item. 


Packing Services: 

All labor is pro-rated to the nearest quarter hour and billed from arrival at the loading location until completion of services at the unloading location.  The labor rate is $50 / mover / hour regardless of crew size.  


Packing materials are billed at cost, but the acquisition / procurement of the materials is not billed hourly. 


Travel Fees may apply.


The total cost of services could be DISCOUNTED UP TO 10% for clients who hire packing AND moving services.


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